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Art Curation and Promotion

One area I am particularly fond of promoting is the visual arts. What is more the heart and soul of a city than the art that is produced locally?   For a decade I spent a weekend or two each year auctioning art live on air for our PBS affiliate WKNO TV 10. It was a wonderful  and unique opportunity to meet scores of local and regional artists. For two years a partner and I sublet a space on South Main and put on monthly art openings; again, with solo, duo, and group shows in many genres, it was a fascinating introduction to many artists.  For the past four years or so I have been producing art show in a variety of spaces around town, some weekend pop shows and some lasting a month or more. For the nearly two years I have been delighted to host a weekly 30 radio segment about visual and performing arts on KWAM, and for nearly one year have have a column in the monthly 4Memphis; both of these lead me out to galleries and alternative space to meet even more artists. 

Over the past half dozen years whether curating, managing openings, creating promotional materials, or just hanging shows, it has been my privilege to work in some way, shape, or form with such artists as -

Frank Baer
Peter Barta Willy Bearden Blake Billings
Jenn Billy Brandt Yancy Calvo Jeniffer Church
Pam Cobb Gwendolyn Barnes Constantine Stephanie Cosby
Catherine Erb Richard Feaster Stefanie Fisher
Eli Gold
Tom Gettelfinger Kat Gore
Jimmy Haygood William Flewellan Heard Megan Hurdle
Amy Hutcheson S. Julian Jenkins Bob Laster
Margaret Munz Losch Olga King Robert King
Stephanie King Brandon Gaia Marshall Greely Myatt
Lake Newton Emily Ozier Alex Paulus
Kristin Rambo Jeanne Reynolds Ebet Roberts
Winnie Shields David Sloas Janet Smith
Jada Thompson Fred Toma Brittany Vega
Nathan Yoakum Lain York Jay Etkin

and a several  more.  And more shows coming!

Laying out, printing, and distributing show postcards.

Media promotion of shows.

Some of the artists I have worked with --

                  Kat Gore                                     Kristin Rambo                              Olga King

                 Frank Baer                                      Stefanie Smith                             Amy Hutcheson

               Willy Bearden                            Dr. Tom Gettelfinger                              Dr. David Sloas
 Emily Ozier

With Jeniffer Church and Jada Thompson
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