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From Service to Civics

"Ken Hall's shrewd and thoughtful observations about the current fundraising plans of my museum allowed us to rethink and reshape our plan without having to completely reinvent the wheel. His careful nudging into a more effecient and productive path helped me save time and energy, while still working toward my goals of both increasing public awareness of our burgeoning institution and raising funds for it. His advice was stellar and on the mark."

Elizabeth Pearce
Senior Curator
Southern Food & Beverage Museum
New Orleans, LA

"He approaches each task with excitement and a positive attitude. He's motivated, dedicated, and creative. It was my pleasure to work with Ken, and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again soon.”

Cathy Shapiro,
FlashPro Design

“Ken is the ultimate tuned-in and connected guy.Well-known and respected in the market, Ken knows who, what, where, and how when things need to get done: a real go-to guy.”

Bruce Meisterman,
Memphis Business Quarterly

“I have known Ken Hall for a number of years and am happy to have the opportunity to unreservedly endorse this professional who has a deep benchstrength in project initiation and completion.

David Yawn
David Yawn Communications


Pledge drive at WKNO FM 91.

"There is no person in Memphis who does more volunteer work than Ken Hall..He is a special person who is a hard working ,dedicated communicator..He makes us all strive to do more for our community."

John Elkington
Memphis, TN

Brass note for Mark James, composer of Suspicious Minds.

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